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Empowering MSMEs Masterclass with Caroline Mutoko

Join the FREE Empowering MSMEs Masterclass series with Caroline Mutoko airing right here, starting Tuesday, 20th September, 10:00Am (EAT). Simply head over to this page (Training) on the Twiva website and access all the masterclasses for free.

Register your Business on Twiva and list all your products at zero cost here and stand a chance to get a business shoutout from Caroline on her social media pages.

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    I am interested in joining the training. Thank you CM for always empowering us



  3. Jacinta Kyeva

    Would like to attend.


    Hey Caroline….it will be a pleasure to be part of class…..Of which am sure it can help me build my career and business

  5. Carolyne Muthama

    Sounds Amazing!!!!!

  6. Anne

    Would love the training

  7. Jamila


  8. Esther

    How does one access for the master classes? Is there a link for online login?

  9. Elaine


  10. Robert Oyoo

    How can I join you on 20th September for a training because I’m interested

  11. Gideon Koros

    This is the future of business… We’re in this together.

  12. Pauline Jara

    This is great help for me . Thank you.

  13. Dennis


  14. Tcha Erik

    Lovely. I’m interested


    I wish to be part of it!

  16. Koki

    Nowhere to sign up

  17. Rakhee Gupta

    Hi. I am unable to sign up for the masterclass. Please advice.

    1. admin

      What challenges are you experiencing kindly?

  18. O. Muga

    I’d love to do more to empower my brand coz it’s a life journey.
    I’d love to join the masterclass.

    1. admin

      Hi Victoria,

      Register your business for free on Twiva so that influencers can help you market and sell.

  19. Nyambura munyua

    My name is Nyambura and I run an organization called thogithi handmade.
    We are a community impact project and we make yarn products.
    Indoor socks,scarves,couch blankets,leg warmers

      1. Carolyne Mugo

        Am interested

  20. SARAH Kaparo

    Would love to learn

  21. Reuben Ngugi

    I will like to join your master class
    I deal with motor cars
    I would like to know how i can sell more on social media by partineering with you.
    Add me on your class

  22. Emmanuel Mwadime ngomenyi

    Run a interior design Sme would love to learn more and grow .

  23. Geoffrey Mukuva

    Hi how effective is it coz have acompany n we are currently struggling in terms of sales so how can you help us grow

  24. Jynifah


  25. Khor

    Travel Health&wellness
    I’m creating awareness in Kenya and Africa as a whole on matters of preventive and curative health for all people and especially elderly and people with conditions

  26. Phil

    Looking forward to learn and gain knowledge so as to improve on my business. Thanks

  27. Sarah


  28. Mulwa Christine

    Thank you Caroline.

  29. Julie

    I am interested

  30. Lydia Woki


  31. Ruth Nzeki

    I would love to be part of Triva

  32. Caroline

    Your thoughts are always apt, inspiring and exciting. I always follow you with lots of passion and zest..

  33. Sylvia

    My name is Sylvia.My business is called Sweetsprinkles.Will be glad to join the masterclass.Thank you.

    1. admin

      Hello Sylvia,

      Kindly feel free to get in touch with us +254708088114.

  34. Nicole Njuguna

    Hello there I run a small start up making bags and accessories from upcycled tyre tubes. I’d like to attend the free master class by Caroline Mutuko . I have tried registering but the link keeps breaking . Please send me link through my email address . Thank you

  35. Ogu Mapesa


  36. Floann

    Iwould like to be part of the training

  37. Floann


  38. Immaculate aquinata

    I would love to join the masterclass
    Thank you

  39. Janet Olonde

    Looking forward to an insightful session

  40. Kiraka Jackson

    Looking forward!

  41. Stella Mumbi

    Am looking forward

  42. Joseph Wachira Kimani

    Looking forward to the Master Class

  43. Thomas Ngoleni

    Am interested

  44. Omango Rose

    Am stuck at OTP…… forever submitting

    1. admin

      Hello Rose,

      Kindly check your sms

  45. Janet Oluoch

    Great initiative 👏 very excited about this

  46. Kevin oluoch


  47. Judy

    Good initiate Caro
    My business is called Linen hub

    1. admin

      Cheers Judy,

      Feel free to register your business on Twiva and list your products so that influencers to help you market and sell.

  48. Felista Pauline

    I’m really excited to learn more

  49. Agnes Nkanya

    What of those have no business but want to grow their influence brand in area of their talent…eg Politics.
    Am a politician,, and influence of followers,,views,,numbers is everything.

    How can you help me to grow,,,and use my influence positively in earning a living through advertising big business brands

    1. admin

      Hello Agnes,

      You can easily grow by creating content that will address the specific needs of what your audience needs. Look at what other influencers are doing in the said niche, copy and improve. However you can also register as an influencer on Twiva to help brands market and sell online easily here;

  50. Catherine

    Hi, I’ve enjoyed this lesson. Look forward to the next Master class.

  51. Stephen mburu

    Great teaching, looking forward for more and great eye opener,
    Waiting for lessons

  52. Peter njoroge kimani

    I just like it

  53. Caroline

    Very useful information

  54. Muli

    Amazing work

  55. Victoria

    Hi. I consult and sell medical insurance. I concentrate on medical insurance because I have found it is a way of alleviating poverty in the society. As the saying goes, ” we are all one hospital bill away from poverty”. I help clients get the best possible medical insurance to meet their needs and in terms of MSMEs to also meet their employees needs. I would like to learn more on the online space and how I can engage more Kenyans and promote medical insurance uptake in the country.

    1. admin

      Hello Victoria,

      Great value that you are offering to MSMEs here. Please feel free to contact our team here +254708088114 or email at [email protected], we will surely assist you with these needs

  56. Richard


  57. Salome Wanjugu Gakera

    Hi Carol my name is Salome. I supply steel, l dream, talk and l love what I do. CHUMA YA NGUVU

  58. Caroline malungu

    I likue caroline mutoko she real enspare me alot and eduate me on thinks i didn’t no about.

  59. Susan Wawira Mbogo

    Dealers in merchandise such as Branded poloshirts,t shirts,caps, umbrellas, banners,gift items such as notebooks, pens, keyholders among others

  60. Fridah Njeri Maina

    I would love to get empowered by Twiva on my online business

  61. mwaura Simon

    Master class that I cannot dare to miss this

  62. Monicah

    Very educative

  63. Lucy Opiyo Lawino


  64. Edgar Abuto

    I offer school-based STEM activities to excite children into areas of sciences.
    We have an aeroplane simulator to enable kids to have a feeling of flying a plane.
    We have models, Robots, and Telescopes for the hands-on training of children both in primary and high school.

  65. Amos


  66. Carol

    I would love to be part of this Masterclass

  67. Carol

    I would love to join the Masterclass training

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