How to build your strategy on influencer marketing in Kenya 
How do you light your influencer marketing ideas?
How do you light your influencer marketing ideas? Let’s see.

Influencer marketing in Kenya for small businesses is becoming a buzz topic of the day right now. With a growing demand of social media marketing for small businesses and the rise of influencer brand collaborations, marketing strategies are changing very fast.

If you are a small business owner in Kenya and your main goal is finding the most unique and powerful marketing channel, you’re not alone.

However, before you focus on becoming successful in the long run, you need a strong influencer marketing strategy.

Penetrating the Kenyan market and reaching out to prospective customers is among the leading hiccups that brands experience today.

Sometimes the notoriety of internet personalities in Kenya might prove to be appealing for your brand.

For Influencer marketing in Kenya, a good campaign strategy dwells more in understanding the people you want to sell to. Finding the right person as a partner to help you market your brand/business should depend on how the person is aligned to your business goals.

This forms just part of a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy.

Table of Contents:

  • What is a strategy for Influencer marketing in Kenya?
  • Why do you need an influencer marketing strategy?
  • How to create your influencer marketing strategy.
  • Points to note.

As we narrow down to detail – understanding that influencer marketing can be a very important component in your marketing strategy, can help your business grow and improve the sales ratio.

Influencer marketing in Kenya involves collaborating with personalities that have influence on social media.

You can do this by arranging them to promote, market and sell your products from their social platforms.

Most of these activities come in different formats that are paid promotions, promotional search ads, sponsored posts or any other type of arrangements. Influencer marketing in Kenya covers a wide range of topics and niches – most often witnessed on our social networks.

Most brands or businesses that have managed to crack influencer marketing in Kenya enjoy the partnered influencer’s voice and an improved relationship with their audiences.

We all perceive that an influencer must be someone who is a celebrity and would charge you a lot of money for influencer marketing in Kenya. This is not true, there are Nano and Micro Influencers who have the best conversion rate that celebrity influencers.”

Let’s now narrow down to the most important part of our article today, “How to build your strategy on influencer marketing in Kenya”. We’ll start by breaking it down one by one, so that you can get a clear picture of how your business can benefit.


What is a strategy for Influencer marketing in Kenya?

An influencer marketing strategy, simply means a comprehensive plan that’s formulated to target personalities with influence in their niches who will help a business/brand achieve its marketing objectives.

While coming up with a strategy is not a joke, partnering with influencers or influencer powered agencies can really help you scale more and easily.

Here is how to build a good influencer marketing strategy for your business;

  • Documenting your goals and Key performing indicators – Every good strategy must have a plan. This will help you focus on the end return of your investment.

An Influencer marketing strategy in Kenya that is well planned will help your business gain more authenticity and win trust from followers who want to consume your products.

When it comes to a good strategy, your marketing needs to resist micro-managing the style and delivery of an influencer’s message on his/her socials. This most at times limits creativity, you can have control of the packaging style and the call to action.

Strategizing on how influencers talking points would help in the end delivery for your targeted customers.

As we see, a strategy gives you a blueprint of attaining your marketing objectives. It is just a building block of your general marketing plan. Influencer marketing in Kenya needs a strategy that localizes all the factors surrounding in order to achieve more.

Lastly, a strategy can later help you as a brand/business concentrate your scarce resources on the converting influencers that will provide possible opportunities that will increase the sales.

Why do you need an Influencer marketing strategy?

“In 2022, brands are expected to increase their budgets on Influencer marketing.”

Influencer marketing in Kenya is one of the richest industries in Kenya. Big brands are targeting celebrities as their influence who can maintain their names always on the high end.

For small entrepreneurs and start-ups targeting small and upcoming influencers would also give you a competitive edge in the economy.

Influencers give brands and businesses exposure in the market at the same time building a marketing trust with your buyers. Paying them is not hard, you can easily hire an agency that will outsource the bets influencers for your brand.

However, it’s always important for brands top get influencers who best fit their niche and will attract an audience that will prove that the overall objective was met.

But this is not over for influencer marketing in Kenya on you as a brand.

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You will also enjoy this from influencers too;
  • Improved brand awareness – Influencers will help build your brand immensely. What they do is presenting your brand in a much bigger audience that doesn’t know anything about your brand.

But because they trust the influencer, they would want to know more about your business.

  • Attracting new target market – An influencer will expose your business and important items that will boost your brands image on social media.

Doing this, they will be changing their audience who trust in them into loyal customers who will want to know more about you.

  • They facilitate lead generation – Influencer marketing in Kenya has proved to most brands that once an engaging lead takes over the head in the marketing campaign, more leads and customers can be added into the pipeline.

Most at times depending on what you sell, you might want your influencer partnership to move their followers toward a nurturing campaign that can help them understand your business better.

Or you can send them to your social commerce sites for them to have a variety of product experiences.

  • Relatability – What makes an influencer better for you is their relatability to your brand or objectives. Despite having a heavy muscle to convince their audiences, they are all humans just like you.

Therefore, your brand will enjoy an inducted spell of engagement and conversions from these social influencers.

  • They will give your brand credibility and a sense of social proof – Of course the human space demands some sort of societal proof so that they can buy or interact with your product and services.

Influencer marketing in Kenya has given creatives the ability to generate spectacular content that can make customers buy. Conversion is easy once an influencer takes over selling and marketing.

How to create your influencer marketing strategy.

Brainstorming amongst yourselves should be the first step of your influencer marketing strategies
Brainstorming amongst yourselves should be the first step of your influencer marketing strategies

Here are the important facets your influencer marketing strategy needs to focus on;

“Always have a goal that would fuel your strategy. In the end prompt that goal and strategy to give you results no matter the kind of marketing you are using.”

  1. Define your goal and KPIs

First and foremost, you must understand what you’re trying to achieve. Many businesses look for influencers for brand awareness, sometimes growing their customers base or either amplifying a new product in the market as their goals etc.

All these aim at boosting sales.

On the other hand, think of how you can measure these goals. It is important to have solid KPIs that will bring you as a business and influencers into one page.

This is important, because it will give a clear indication of whether or not you should work with a particular influencer again in future.

Some of the KPIs you can use to build on are Engagements, Web traffic and the amount of sales volume you make.

  • Identify the right influencers that will fit your campaign

Your business might be strong in particular platforms, that prove you as the only niche business in the platform enjoying good engagements.

It is important to level up right influencers who can help you carry the campaign easily, and in case you believe the magnitude of your campaign can be achieved on a specific platform then target influencers good in them.

This will set you a part while helping you win more results from your influencer marketing in Kenya campaign.

  • How to promote your content

It is important to have a buzzing session for ideas from your marketing team within your business too. Depending on the campaign, having a section to promote/boost your campaign, either in display or search ads will also bring you close to success.

Other important items you need to focus on while creating your influencer marketing strategy are; Showing influencers the best value of your product – something that separates you from your competitors, monitor the outreach of the campaign step by step and also maintaining a contact document that will track the number of customers added by the campaign.

Points to Note

Successful influencer marketing strategies often gives you a sense of direction in todays digital world. All the way from planning to execution of particular goals would affect the number of purchases of your product.

These are key pointers that you need to focus on ahead now;

  • Influencer marketing in Kenya doesn’t depend on the number of followers your influencers have, but their conversion, engagement and how they present your brand in the market.
  • Give more value to influencers. Let them understand what makes your business to be the way it is. They need to have that overall overview in order to sell your campaign well for conversions.
  • Use the exclusivity clause always. When contracting influencers for a campaign, negotiate with them so that they cannot work with your competitor in a specific period of time.
  • Always know the ROI and the KPIs of your influencer marketing strategy. This will help you not look dumb in the activities you’ll want your influencers to dwell in because they know.

So far, we have touched on the most important items you as a business should focus on when building a strategy for your influencer marketing in Kenya.

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