Digital Marketing Courses in Kenya for Beginners

Building your digital marketing skills in Kenya as a sales and marketing professional or just anyone who wants to scale his/her business online is important. 

Yes you can in your digital marketing strategy.

The number of people willing to gain skills in this course has been increasing day after day. Maybe you are having a great concern of either not looking for employment thereafter. 

Why is it important? 
The answer to these and some of your questions can be found right next to you! Look around.

How many electronic gadgets can you interact with? Chances are even that you are reading this from your mobile phone, laptop, desktop, or probably a device that is connected to the internet. 

Digital marketing has been with us ever since technology started to change. How you consume information and share the same information with your families, friends, and even colleagues at work relates to how digital marketing works. 

What you need to know is that, whenever you can access online and be connected, it transforms the way we engage with other people, how we buy, find out about events, sometimes it influences the way we vote. 

The active online atmosphere is what has rapidly revolutionized the way businesses and brand are doing their marketing. Businesses are looking to promote, market their products and services. Some are targeting a higher awareness of their brands. 


Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

You have to understand that, however much traditional marketing is still there, digital marketing still proves to be the best of them all. 

Why? Because it is:

  1. Affordable – You can implement it anywhere without the limitation of fixed data charges or procedures. 
  2. Measurable – you can quickly monitor how the customers you are targeting will be interacting with your product, the traffic in numbers and percentages using different social listening tools. 
  3. The show’s the engagement and speed of interactivity, demographics, age, and location. 

You see, traditional marketing is so limited to insights, and some of the insights derived from traditional marketing are always void and questionable. 

digital marketing courses

Building your skill in digital marketing might take some time. You might take years in class to understand how it works, yet there are shorter ways. 

You may have noticed on LinkedIn, YouTube, and even Facebook there are short courses that are easily applicable for you.  

They can be done very effectively as you continue running your business. It is important to have the first approach in digital marketing in your locality to beat your competition easily. 

How long does a digital marketing course take in Kenya? 

Choose a package that will favor you. 

There are so many packages offered online and some in schools offering curriculums in line with digital marketing. 

The duration of a course sometimes might also depend on your trainer. On average, in Kenya, a digital-related course can take about a month, and sometimes when you need to have a special program it can be squeezed even to be as short as a week. 

Some digital marketing agencies try to build on training your whole team in case your numbers are many. They do this in what we call In-company training. 

Here they send trainers to your area of operation to train you and your staff. Sometimes the extension can be done with you as the lead in a hotel somewhere, which might not affect the daily routine of your business. 

Online courses are also there on LinkedIn. 

There are thousands and thousands of digital marketing courses offered on LinkedIn, which give you a certificate of recognition in case you want to show your recruiters your skills. 

Their duration depends on how sharp you will be in interacting with them. Remember learning is always repetitive. Meaning you do not have to rush to complete it. 

Therefore, the duration of a digital marketing course in Kenya will always depend on the schedule. The time you have and how flexible you can be.  

You can choose to take a full-time course which goes to about three months at maximum and monthly or weekly at a minimum if it’s just digital marketing alone. 

If you have enough time, you can build on other sub-branches of digital marketing, such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Affiliate Marketing, and so on. 

Is it costly? It depends on your budget and the type of learning institution you visit. Sometimes, the cost might scale up to KSH 300,000 on a maximum or go as low as KSH 50,000 depending on the packages you want to learn. 

Several institutions have varied tutoring prices. Looking at some of the basic questions you have before choosing to enroll is always important. 

Why am I doing this? How long will I take? Will it affect my business? How will I profit in the end? Will it boost my sales funnel? Are these skills from this institution worthy of my concentration? 

Basically, in the end, you need to invest in keeping your business afloat as technology changes. Sometimes it might look so budgetary but building up an aggressive digital marketing landscape will help you in the future. 

So should I get started?  

Yes! If you have the muscle to work on the items we have discussed, then, you must and can start almost immediately. 

Digital marketing will help you more than you can imagine now. It will assist you and understanding consumer behaviors easily. 

The interactivity brought by the internet will allow you as a business to easily connect with other businesses, potential investors, and individuals, among others at a more personal level. 

You will not want this to pass you. Right? 

Therefore building your business skills in digital marketing will help you break down some of the formal barriers you experience in traditional marketing. Hence inviting consumers to build a great rapport with you and your business. 

As a small business with endless opportunities in the online space, digital marketing might look heavily intimidating. The world has made everything easy now since we have a variety of platforms that make your business get technologically streamlined easier. 

Taking yourself slowly, with the little money you have, you can grow and compete favorably with others. However, if you are starting you can build on digital marketing as traditional marketing pivots it. 

With time you will have evolved into a more reputable and commanding business in the economy. 

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