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Episode 1 of the MSME Masterclass series with Caroline Mutoko.

Click to watch this informative Episode 1 of the MSME Masterclass series with Caroline Mutoko and learn why your business must have an online presence.

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  1. Jey B.

    Hey Carol, this is nice. Thank you for this and please keep it up. It helps people like me who really want to know what to do to make the best out of the online market. I am a property dealers myself. Mine is to scout and advertise property and spaces. If you could share some highlights on how to parkage such products to catch up with the relevant cliantel and command more attention on the online platforms kindly.

    1. Ibrahim Musungu

      Hello Jey B.

      This is such a great business. Feel free to register and list your products on Twiva, where influencers helps small business owners market and sell easily online.

  2. Lilian Itenya

    Thank you for the insight. Looking forward to more

    1. Faith

      Thanks for the information. It’s of great help to many

  3. Julius Kipkoech Chemitei

    Thank you very much for the insightful presentation, how would I ensure that I effect my reach out to ‘serious customers/clientele’ considering Facebook is a mass audiences.

    1. admin

      Hello Julius,

      Kindly maximize on your aesthetics as well as sharing valuable snippets such as client testimonials and products benefits to your clientele. Stay tuned for more.

  4. Stephen

    Hello,, am Stephen kariuki small business man,, I will appreciate to learn more from you, on how to grow my business

  5. Stephen

    Willing to learn

  6. Ann wambui maina


  7. Betty Ooko

    I have learnt something new today.
    Bravo Caroline ,this is a good initiative

  8. Marion Karanja

    Wao..great insights Carol..
    Online presence is the way to go.
    Am eager to learn how

  9. Vivienne Litali

    I love to package my consultancy

  10. Vivienne Litali

    I love this

  11. Jey B.

    Hey Carlo, I’m Jey B. First is to thank you so much for this opportunity learn and be better entrepreneurs. I am a property dealer, mine is to scout and advertise property and spaces. Kindly help me understand just how I can effectively get relevant attention.

    1. Ibrahim Musungu

      Hello Jey B.

      Have you tried using influencers to help you in your strategy? If not feel free to contact our team of experts here: +254708088114

  12. Wabby

    Very insightful. A lot to think about.
    I’m in the process of starting my business and I honestly don’t know where to start and how to go about all the things you’ve mentioned.

    1. Ibrahim Musungu

      Hi Wabby,

      Feel free to get in touch with our team here +254708088114.

  13. Zillah Kiteto

    This Class is very enlightening

  14. Muriithi Nabea

    Good one. Eager to learn from you.
    Thank you

  15. Muriithi Nabea

    Eager to learn from you. Thanks

  16. Suzy

    I’m loving it.LETS GET STARTED!

  17. Vicky

    Hello Caro thank you for the insight.
    Am currently involved in craft business making crochet bags ,baskets and knitting.
    Most people are not aware of the business.
    Am posting online but am not able to get the attention.kindly help

    1. admin

      Hello Vicky,

      This is really impressive, kindly feel free to register your business on Twiva so that influencers can help you in marketing and selling online. For more information on how we can help you create awareness about your brand you can easily get in touch with our team on +254708088114.


  18. Anonymous

    very nice, keep up

  19. Beata

    Fantastic. Clearly said.

  20. Apart

    Hi,am also in mutumba business but haven’t been serious on matters online…but for sure have learnt something today..thanks be blessed

    1. admin

      Hello Benjamin,

      You are doing great pushing the economy further and thank you for watching. Feel free to follow the masterclass sessions here for more.

  21. James Wetu

    Hello there,
    Good stuff right there Carol. And thanks for emphasizing that, “If I can’t click on it, it doesn’t exist” coz’ am a believer of content marketing.
    I am doing a publication, relatively young, 6 issues so far, I am on a learning wheel I must admit…the question is, How can I command online presence? Putting in mind a meagre budget?

    Thank you.

    1. admin

      Hello James,

      First you need to mark your presence online as an expert. The way you interact with your online publics will always form a basis of your command. This goes an extra mile to your social media activities, website content, look and feel. These makes it easy for your prospective customers interact with you at first sight. However, if you want to do a campaign whether it’s brand awareness or awareness for your different product, any budget can work for you, although the higher the amount the faster the conversion rates and reach.

      Feel free to check the Twiva page for more insights on this as well as staying tuned on our masterclass sessions.


  22. Elias Thuku

    Am learning from this class.

    1. admin

      This is great Elias. Keep watching for more sessions like this.

  23. Lovine

    Great content and very necessary as the world and businesses continue to go digital! Looking forward to Episode 2.

    1. admin

      Well said Lovine! See you on Episode 2.

  24. Magret Omwando

    Hello Caroline. Thank you for this. Let us talk about selling yourself as a teacher online. Many Teacher are unemployed and those that are employed complain of the low wages …but we have online teaching and homeschooling let us talk about how to market ourselves and meet the right clintelle…from my experience teaching has money, business has money you just have to get the right clientele

    1. admin

      Well put Magret! Keep watching.

  25. Betty

    Very informative. Thank you

  26. Patricia


  27. Patricia



    Brilliant just Brilliant

  29. Mwihaki Kibuiya

    I would like to have more information about this . I am a real estate company and consultant. Promise property merchants ltd.

    1. admin

      Hi Mwihaki,

      Thank you for reaching out. We actually have the best place for your brand and businesses. As a real estate company and consultant you can register for FREE on Twiva and list the properties you want or aim to sell. We have influencers who can easily help in pushing for more conversions for your brand. These masterclasses are tailored in a way that you can see more value in investing digitally. Stay tuned for more of these Masterclass sessions on our Twiva website, training page.


  30. Anne

    Love it. Running to share with my people. Thank you

    1. admin

      Thank you.

      Keep sharing as well as staying tuned for more here Anne!


  31. Ivy Stephanie


  32. Faith Mutheu Kithome Kithome

    This is so profound.

  33. Faith Mutheu Kithome Kithome

    I love this

  34. jane

    Nice one ! Am here with a need to start up and grow

    1. admin

      Hello Jane,

      Sure, feel free to register and list your products on Twiva platform for influencers to market and sell for you if you are a business. However, as an influencer you can also register and start selling MSME products on your social media. Here is a link to help you register for Free: https://app.twiva.co.ke/#/auth/sign_up

  35. Anne Kiilu

    Insightful information

    1. admin

      Thank you for watching Anne! keep watching the sessions for more.

  36. Purity Kinya

    Very useful!

  37. Purity Kinya

    Would like to know more

    1. admin

      Hello Purity,

      We have a number of activities that can well benefit you here at Twiva. Keep following the Masterclass sessions or you can as well check our home page for more, check out here http://www.twiva.co.ke

  38. Junita

    This is really good inspiration to the youth. I love how the internet is informing us about digital marketing. Wao, even accessing the content for free is a winner for me. Thanks Twiva, and whoever is dressing Caroline, thankyou 💕

    1. admin

      This is really exciting to hear from you Junita. Keep watching!


  39. Stephen

    I requests for more information about this and how I can benefit from it.

    1. admin

      Hello Stephen,

      The MSME Masterclass session gives you a number of insightful ideas to improve your small business, especially in this digital era. Feel free to follow the Masterclass closely as it airs every Tuesdays, of the week on our Twiva website Training page.


  40. Jane Maina

    Actually am one of the people who for a long time have not been convinced to online business but since I closed my business and realizing how this young generation is making money online have now great interest to see how can advance and learn on how to do online business especially TOT.

    1. admin

      That’s great Jane and indeed the future for all SMEs is online. It only depends with how you execute your online strategy either as a content creator or an influencer. Glad to see you here!

  41. Jackline Achieng Ndiege Jaquemboi

    Am interested in learning

    1. admin

      Hi Jackline,

      Stay tuned on our training page for more of such informative masterclass sessions and more.

  42. Janet Aluoch

    Very informative. Gives an indepth perspective

    1. admin

      Thank you Janet! Keep following the series as episode 2 drops on Tuesday, 27th September 2022.


    Thanks Caroline for this so informative.. My small business is online… Not yet there.. But struggling day by day

    1. admin

      Hello Hellen,

      Let’s help your small business succeed online using influencers. Kindly register your business and start listing your products for free on Twiva using this link: https://app.twiva.co.ke/#/auth/login

  44. Mogaka Boniface

    Liberating information

  45. Bonface Lusimba

    So powerful lessons

  46. Calistus Lumula

    Simply business wisdom!

  47. Wilmar

    I guess I have been living under a rock. Just got to find out of TWIVA today. That said how can a freelancer social media manager make use of the internet effectively and especially this platform

    1. Ibrahim Musungu

      Hi Wilmer,

      If you understand how to maneuver the social media landscape very well and you believe you can convince audiences too, then Twiva is the right spot for you. Sign up as an influencer and start selling business products that can make you earn easily as you continue freelancing.

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