Adventurous Kenyan Travel Influencers Worth Following this Holiday Season.

A look into the most adventurous, creative, and widely travelled Kenyan Travel influencers is what we are going to dwell on in our conversation today.

The holiday season is one of the most exciting and much-awaited moments for every hard-working influencer. However, finding the right spot to have fun and enjoy yourself with your friends might be the biggest headache.

This list is made up of Kenyan travelers; bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers who create travel content. They all inspire their audiences with their different unique content and the beautiful places they visit.

This would also include brand partnerships; if you are an entrepreneur and your aim is to take your employees for a vacation this season while building your brand equity then these top travel influencers would be of the right benefit to you.

Top 5 Travel Influencers in 2022

Wabosha Maxine

One of the famous travel influencers Wabosha Maxine

Maxine is a Kenyan Lifestyle-cum-travel influencer popularly known for her travel and lifestyle vlogs and social media posts. Maxine’s adventures would always highlight some best tips on how to spend and what to spend on. She typically gives her viewers that urge of visiting such places and for sure they are worth your dime.

Tedd Josiah

Such a happy soul. Tedd knows how to capture a moment with every picnic she makes around the sun. His excellent expression of different sceneries both in Kenya and abroad would certainly excite you.

Tedd chooses to capture every moment of her adventures with her daughter, something that would make you escape reality. If your goal is to have fun along the Kenyan Coastline or have some outdoor experiences abroad then she would be the right person to help you.

The Afrikan Traveler

Great Travel influencers are good storytellers and when it comes to “The Afrikan Traveler” then we must accept this guy is a genius. Agree with me that he knows how to tell a story. He will give you a firsthand showcase and make visualize the reality even before you visit the place.

His excellent camera work and editing skills will make you plan a trip sooner than you expect. He is a regular tourist in most Kenyan and East African cities.

Just Rioba

Rioba popularly identifies herself as the ‘Mother of Passports ‘. She brings out the best Adventure experiences with a visit to popular destinations such as Takawiri island, Tanzania, Kigali, and Rwanda. Should you consider her influencer for your brand, then you must be ready to explore more than your expectations this holiday season.

Aunty Nimu

Nimu is certainly gorgeous, and you shouldn’t expect such kind of beauty to stay in one place. As one of the travel influencers in Kenya, Nimu uses this opportunity to work with brands that want to walk with her to all her favorite places.

Her pages give you golden ideas and a nice aesthetic for your traveling needs. Nimu would always give account to her day-to-day travel activities, with well-edited videos and photos, with captivating captions. You should try her!

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Final Words…

Although we may have not exhausted the list of some of the top travel influencers in Kenya, the fact is that these would certainly make your day great.

Do you have any travel influencer that we have not mentioned here? Share with us on the comments.

Some of these travel influencers are people whom we know and who share their adventures with us every day on our socials.

If you will be looking for some of the best holiday getaways this season then, you can benchmark on them. Some have partnered with brands and you can easily see their portfolio from their various posts.

Nevertheless, we can also come in and help you reach out to these and other best travel influencers we have in the country today.

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