5 Proven Success Metrics for Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns In Kenya 2022
A good influencer marketing campaign should guarantee you success.

You already found an influencer to help you with your marketing campaigns in Kenya, so how would you measure his/her returns to your business?

This amazing piece will help you understand how to make your influencer marketing campaigns effective, and ultimately, grow your brand.

Influencers are the best ambassadors to give your business market insights. You must have noticed almost every business today want to have an influencer campaign budget in their financial calendar. 


Influencers are good at helping you spot the Key performance indicators for your brand. To have a better KPI, you need to have goals for every marketing strategy. Influencers step in with ideas such as increasing your brand awareness or site traffic per some of their strengths.

Your influencer marketing campaign needs to be data-driven, to determine how much success or failure you would have cost the business. Evaluating the best engagement traffics given by your marketing influencer should help your business set the bar away from your competitors.


Almost all influencer marketing campaigns in Kenya behave the same, being different is one step of beating your competition. Clear analysis and evaluation enable you to set the best budget for the right influencers you already have for marketing.

Having smart goals would help you level up the best success metrics for your business marketing campaigns. These are the best and 100% proven success metrics for your influencer marketing strategy in Kenya.


Measure your influencer marketing engagement? 

Your influencer needs to have active and performing engagement traffic in some of his/her platforms that are channeling the marketing campaigns. Engagements are the best metric for measuring the activities of an influencer.

Engagement often comes from how followers interact with posts of your influencer. These followers click on the posts to react in different ways with the posts depending on the mood the post gives them.

These followers are your target market, and would certainly be your future customers!

Influencer marketing campaign

A keen focus on engagement gives you an overview of how many people are paying attention to your marketing campaign. (Receptive levels)

In Kenya, you must have seen some influencers using directive questions to be close to his/her follower’s feelings about the product they are pushing. Your business image online should be positive, thus engaging with your audience, understanding them, and sometimes answering their questions is important.

How do you rate an average engagement for a single post?

This question is very important for your business. Here what you do is, divide the total interactions on your social post by the total followers of your influencer. That result gives you the number of followers receptive to your content.

Percentages are always important i.e. 

Average engagement= (Total Interactions/Influencer followers) multiply by 100.

100 steps in as your highest limit.

When the number is high, that means your influencer marketing campaign was successful and vice versa of the same.

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Monitor your social growth, sign-ups, and referrals.

Your influencer marketing campaign needs to be generic and at least organic. Why should you focus on this anyway?

The best KPI in your strategies needs to attract more people into your business. When the influencer posts your merchandise or services on their pages, he/she needs to tag your socials for their followers to be redirected into your site.

You must provide a call to action for the campaigns, whether it’s pushing for sign-ups, following, or just making sales, each post needs to have this. Mostly here the success metric depends on the lead generation.

What is meant by lead generation?

This means the number of leads your influencer directs to your site as a referral with the posts.

Whenever you notice an increase in the number of signups or following in your socials that should send a message to you that your influencer marketing campaign is a success.

This KPI should be able to indicate how your influencer is leading more conversions and not just followers. Remember, the purpose of every business is to make a profit, and you are working on a budget, therefore it would be good to have returns and social growth at the same time.

Measure your sales.

If you are in business and your aim is not to make sales, then you shouldn’t be in the economy!

Sales are the softest touch of a good entrepreneur. As part of the success metrics for your business, sales need to have a long-term goal compared to other metrics.

Customers often want to be reminded more than 10 times how good your product is of value to them, therefore it would take a while for your brand to gain enough muscle.

However, there occur some immediate sales during the marketing campaign with the influencer. This can only happen when the influencer is good at what he/she does. This only speaks of how good brand awareness has positively been accepted by the audience at first touch.

You need to take this kind of sales as financial survivors right away. Influencers who happen to bring in more sales at the campaign stage can be clustered to be successful. 

Therefore, it’s good to have influencers who know how to bring more sales before putting their interests first. The memory of most Kenyans is to be convinced very fast on their first interaction.

That first click matters!

Monitor your influencer site traffic.

This is completely different from engagement.


Site traffic refers to the scores your marketing efforts get from the analytics. You can easily track using google analytics among other social listening tools

Your focus here needs to lead you to your store, building on the keywords and improving your google rankings. Whenever people search for particular items, your site needs to pop up among the first 3 or four lead links.

Your sales funnel need to be captured in the analytics, this includes the email signups, social growth, and competitive analysis. It’s important to ask your influencer to always refer their followers to your site by mentioning your site handles on whatever platforms they use.

When the influence does this well, their followers would be curious to know more about your products and services, that’s how the site traffic increases and at least 80% of the visiting followers turn to customers.

Consider tags and mentions by the influencer.

Has the influencer mentioned you anywhere, even if it’s not on their posts? Are those tags and mentions receiving good impressions?

The main role of using an influencer is to drive traffic to your socials and website as a build-up for more customers and sales, which is part of the lead generation. It’s good to advise the influencer to increase the conversations surrounding your business, as it builds more brand awareness.

The use of active hashtags such as #Twivasocialcommerce and #Influencermarketing creates and puts you in a channel where customers can get all your marketing goals.

Tagging and mentioning your brand excess drives a lot of traffic to you. These should always count on the overall success of your campaign. Experts advise on using one metric like mentions or hashtags to measure if the influencer has had an impact.

At the ideation stage of your influencer marketing campaign, it’s important to tell your influencer the type of hashtags you need, where he/she can mention your social (Not all random mentions are good, remember your brand must have maintained a good image).

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As you can see, most of these metrics are just familiar. Depending on the goals set for your brand, measuring your influencer marketing campaign is just easy and qualitative.

It is important to note that, the results of a good marketing campaign take some time. Consistency and emphasis on the objectives are what is needed.

If you are doing your first campaign using influencers, you have to have a set of realistic goals since the followers of your influencer have no clue about your brand. This is considered the first stage of brand awareness and active primary engagement.

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