“Social Media Made Me Anti-Social;” Tips to Overcome

I had just entered a popular restaurant at the CBD, in town.

Young woman watching a livestream on Social media.
Young woman watching a live stream

On the queue, there was already a line of people waiting to be served by one teller at the cashier room.

On one of the stands, there was a very cute couple. They had a kid who looked exactly like them. I had no question about that anyway.

Doubts arose on how they were each concentrating on their phones without talking to each other. No signs, no suggestive facial expressions. The atmosphere was numb.

The first question that came to my mind was, are these two okay with each other? Or maybe is there anything they are researching on?

The environment was quite noisy and all my questions never had that final decisive answer. I just assumed they are just overtaken by social media that’s why they couldn’t even focus on their kid who wanted their attention in that environment.

By this time am almost at the counter, with just two people in front of me. My phone buzzes and of course, I cannot ignore it. Two notifications from Instagram, “Someone has commented on your photo” it read. My heart braces for an upcoming excitement.

Who might have left a comment on my photo at this time? Is it a sweet comment or just ordinary? I had just uploaded my status for an outdoor function I had later in the day.

100% of my concentration span is immediately taken over by the buzz. I take out my phone to respond to the comment not realizing I was in a public place.

Forgetting I was in the queue, I stepped on the kid of the couple who was crawling almost everywhere. I had not noticed him sliding across the floor trying to reach his toy car that was stuck on the other side of the queue.

The kid begins to cry, here am left with a dilemma if I am supposed to help the kid and face the parents for neglecting their duties or just allowing them to taunt me with all their bile.


How can social media make you behave like this?

Well, we all don’t have a mistake! Social media does.

You see, the feeling that social media gives us is always temporary yet the impact it creates is sometimes permanent.

You will lose a great rapport with your colleague because of the high addiction you build with social media.

Social media makes us feel good sometimes, and also makes us feel sad and disconnected from society. Just as you have seen, what happened next I won’t let you know, the answer is it ended out to be catastrophic.

Check out these advantages and disadvantages of social media and how they correspond to each other.

The role of social media in our world today is to improve connectivity, help businesses reach more markets, interact and learn about different cultures in the world today, not to mention give you a platform to be creative among others.

Mastering the art of social discipline is a very important technique you need if you aim to stand out. In this article, you are going to interact with some of the factors that can make you anti-social and also will help you with some of the ways you can use to easily overcome this!

How social media makes you anti-social?

You might think you are not and yet you are anti-social!

According to statistics done by Kaspersky Lab, most social media users nowadays are interacting with each other less face-to-face because of the growth of technology and the ability to stay online.

From the study, you will realize that at least one-third of people communicate less with their parents (31%), Partners (23%), children (33%), and friends (35%) because they are following them on social media.

You may think this is doing more good to you but on the contrary, it is generating more harm than good.

You are living in a world where you can easily edit your life to appear/resemble another life that is more beautiful than your natural existence.

The report which had a tally of at least 16,750 participants split into even sector groups of men and women, with a demography sample choice of 18 countries surveyed online, exhibited a lot of positives and negatives.

According to the data, the participants engaged in a survey which demanded them to tell what they post on their social media pages, the types of posts they interact with from their friends, what they do to get followers and likes.

You will notice that many people who are addicted to social media do almost everything to satisfy their online presence. The level of competition in social media is very high as some resort to sharing sensitive information or posting salacious photos to get likes and followers.

The level of competition on social media goes beyond jealousy, self-esteem, and anxiety. Sometimes it turns out to be psychological. Nearly 60% of those who participated in the analysis got jealous at some point after viewing a particular photo of their friend.

Many people are faking their lives on social media “Just to feel better”. Some do these so that they can smile or have a past that’s quite presentable compared to their friends.

You have noticed several social media users being sued in Kenya, for misusing their platform in the name of gaining authenticity.

It’s also true that at some point you might have been tempted to share information that shouldn’t be public; potentially putting the people you care about at risk.

Navigating through the social media landscape can be quite interesting until you realize that society is not competing with you or any of your friends. 

Factors like power, poor network, or even low data bundles could make a whole staff in an organization go numb on each other. Almost everyone nowadays is just swiping and engaging with social media more than 500 times a day.

How can you overcome this?

Tips to overcome being anti-social!

Everything you do has its positive and bad side.

Just like the coin, social media experiences are double-sided in perfection. It’s either you drown or flourish. If you are a business or brand trying to build its presence on social media, anxiety must always be there.

The fear of competition, where to start, and how to be uniform with others are some of the questions you’ll have.

If you want to survive these social anxieties please use these techniques;

  1. Be human – You are not going or you are on social media as a robot. These spaces require that humanization feeling.

Being human makes natural embrace it! Sometimes there are highs and lows just like in life, you need to be cool.

  • Make many physical friends – Social media will deny you, real friends. A friend is someone who can be close to you when you are broken or happy.

I am sure you have witnessed so many people killing themselves because of the depression they are afflicted by these social spaces.

If you can’t get it, enjoy what you have! Have as many friends as you can!

  • Control it – Don’t let social media control you. Sometimes you want to do something because your friend has done it, it doesn’t work like that.

Be the ruler of what happens with you, and make it execute what you instruct it to do.

  • Focus on your goals – If you are a business, focus on making more sales. As an influencer, create more content, build your engagement traffic, and create more awareness of your existence.

Falling out of your goal objective will make you experience too much pressure, translating to anxiety, then adopting the anti-social behavior.

  • Be adaptable – You will not have access to social media every time. That doesn’t mean it is the end of your life.

Things happen that we cannot control, we all get broke, there are power blackouts, we lose our phones or they get destroyed among others.

Just be ready for any change and live a free life!

  • Value your identity – Always ask yourself, is this content right for my audience? What would be their reaction?

Sometimes we end up posting content that embarrasses or destroys our reputation in the future. You’ll feel like society hates you making you stay alone, yet it’s a seed you planted in social media.

As we conclude, you need to know that social media is good, really good. Different people, businesses, companies, organizations, etc. have benefited a lot from social media.

The technological landscape is changing so fast, everyone wants to be recognized with some unique activity and that can’t go without posting.

We click through all our favorite social media pages to gain followers, look for jobs, advertise, market, build connections, learn, and enjoy specific content at the comfort of our smart gadgets.

You need to remember as discussed above, nothing comes single-sided next to you. Social media is also bad. Use the technique discussed and you won’t have any problems.

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