Celebrating Our Kenyan Influencers!

Our attention has been drawn by the recent accomplishment of our Kenyan internet comedienne and influencer Elsa Majimbo.

Influencers Elsa Majimbo and Steve Harvey
Elsa Majimbo With Steve Harvey (Image: Courtesy)

Just one week after she was recognized by Forbes Africa Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30, Elsa has grown to become one of the most Influential young stars our Kenyan market has ever had.

Elsa believed in becoming Iconic one day, and this is the same belief that every Micro and Nano influencer should have. Its undoubtedly clear that most brands will want to work with her because she believed in her dream of becoming a success story.

Most brands want to have an active selling image in the market today. Elsa’s creativity would not only make you enjoy them but also trigger you to think deeply while remembering her funny facial expressions.

Several interest groups would want to pull you down, but just like in business your main goal would always be how and where you can and will be successful.

Elsa doesn’t have the #celebrityinfluencer numbers as we might have thought, but her ideal strategy of bringing her content close to her audience is what worked well.

Every Micro and Nano Influencer has the chance to stand on the global stage. You can choose to find a niche that makes you happy – you will automatically have an audience that can propel you positively just like Elsa Majimbo.

What will you do when your creatives are recognized by Forbes Magazine? It’s never late for you to start.

The story of Elsa began during the Covid-19 pandemic and fete was recently recognized by the famous American television and radio presenter, actor, author, and businessman Steve Harvey.

As a young star influencer @Twiva continues in celebrating Elsa Majimbo for her remarkable global achievements and recognition.

She is a shining hope for all Micro and Nano influencers in Our country today!

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