9 Most Effective Nano Influencer Collaboration Tips and Ideas in 2023
Influencer collaboration tips for you as a Nano Influencer in Kenya.
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Did you know small businesses in Kenya account for 98% of the job sector? Their need for influencer collaboration tips has been skyrocketing daily with the effects created by the rising of social media and the demand for social media marketing.

At the same time 63% of MSMEs today would prefer working with ten or more influencers in ensuring their marketing campaign achieves success.

Why do you think big brands in Kenya are investing a lot in building their long-term relationships with influencers? Nothing about fame should be in your mind.

Influencers are becoming the most reliable sources of telling different stories because they have the numbers, an easy market to consume for MSMEs.

The Kenyan market wants to trust and have societal proof with positive recommendations from people they believe, sometimes we always say real people. Influencers work better than advertisements.

90% of businesses and brands that have invested a lot in influencer collaborations have testified that converting the following to loyal customers has been so easy.

Arguably, this is just one of the many reasons that you notice there is so much influencer collaboration and marketing campaigns from brands across all industries in the country.

As a small business in Kenya today, influencer marketing ought to be among your A-list strategies of reaching out to the market you desire.

Before you get here, the first step is getting the right influencers that relate to your brand/business.

While handpicking influencers it’s advised to go for influencers with who your customers would easily relate your products. It’s kind of authentic, genuine, and real for the audience.

Influencer collaboration tips

The influencers should believe in the same values as your product carries.

Depending on the influencer you choose to collaborate with, what kind of content would you ask them to create for your potential customers?

There are so many ways you can get the best out of the market with influencer collaboration in Kenya. However, in this article, we are going to break down all the juicy tips, ideas, and examples you can implement to become successful as a brand.

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Are you using these influencer collaboration tips and ideas in 2022 for your business?

Begin with a strategy as a Nano Influencer in Kenya.
Begin with a strategy as a Nano Influencer in Kenya.

One of the biggest problems about businesses in Kenya today is, they have a very poor research technique. 

Are you experiencing the same?

Anyway, let’s dive into the most important influencer collaboration tips and ideas that would help your brand get that biggest market share.

Research and investigate

You are failing because you have very poor influencer research skills that wouldn’t give your brand the right traction you estimate at the end of your marketing campaign.

Each influencer has his/her way of engaging with the people following them on their social media platforms. These audiences visit their pages to get a particular content or satisfy a certain interest.

Have extensive research on the type, model, means, and the result that the influencer you want to onboard would produce or execute in the end. Don’t just pay them to share your product because of the numbers when their audiences wouldn’t even bother to refer back to you.

To make the best out of your influencer collaboration, it’s important to count fully on the influencer’s experience and how they can quickly articulate the goals of your brand.

That’s what you have been missing all along.

The best idea here is to understand the influencers you need, and when their field or niche wouldn’t articulate your brand well advise accordingly but do not insist. The right influencer will seize the right approach because they are well specialized and creative.

Understand and Trust Influencer Judgements.

Influencers know how they package their content. This is the reason why they have huge numbers in their following. Their sense of addressing their followers is always correct and most effective.

You must have noticed some influencers in Kenya are now spinning their brands. The reason behind this is because of the above. 

To get the best from influencer collaboration, you need to listen, understand and trust some of their ideals. Most importantly you have to treat them the way they deserve so that they can have an open mind when interacting with you or your product.

Avoid Influencer Celebrities.

Do you want to get more customers? Partially or avoid using influencer collaborations from celebrities.

Although it might sound so good having a celebrity influencer as the spokesperson of your business or brand until you end up getting less traffic from your campaigns.

What happens with influencers who are celebrities pushing products, is that they always take the limelight and the product is forgotten and you end up wasting your budget?

Nano and Micro expert influencers have the best engagement you can ever need for your product. At the same time, they are pocket-friendly which improves the longevity of marketing campaigns, unlike celebrities.

A budget spent on one celebrity influencer can be used sometimes on over 10 expert influencers, giving you the best results.

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Create a Win-win profitable strategy.

Creating a Win-win strategy with a Nano Influencer in Kenya in order to make more influencers work with you.

Sometimes the strategies you employ with the right influencers wouldn’t favor the expected traffic in the market. Despite them having too many followers on their social media, they might be inexperienced in telling the language of your product in detail.

It would take a while for them to learn, so building a win-win profitable strategy on your influencer collaboration program, like supporting them with supplies, networks and experience would help a lot.

This interplay would make you gain profit and new customers in the long run while they get the best out of your product experiences.

Be open to new ideas.

When your influencer rejects the product ideas but is still in the decision-making stage, it is wise to be loose and accept new ideas from them.

Influencers, know the type of clout they have to chase. When your product goals will make them lose their plausibility and credibility from their followers they would probably not share it.

Be clear and open to the influencers. Your influencer collaboration strategy needs to invest a lot in the selection process by making sure you are collaborating with the right influencers. 

The right influencer would not only blend with your ideas but expand on them too, this will be the right person to introduce your brand/product/service passionately to their followers.

Use live experiences with Q & A sessions.

Live experiences with question and answers sessions build a lot on the mutual representation of your brand with the influencers to the customers.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, allow live streaming. Collaborating with influencers in such models is a great way of putting the audience directly in the influencer’s shoes while giving your brand more interactions.

Interestingly, with live streaming, you can easily gauge the interactions and direct traffic redirecting to your page. You can easily monitor the comments in real-time as you and the influencer answer questions live on the network. 

User reviews here are always good. Some businesses used this kind of influencer collaboration in 2020 and the first quarter of 2021, during the peak of the pandemic to gain more customers and sell.

Offer giveaways.

Almost everyone loves free kinds of stuff. I do too, do you?

Sometimes when the product is good, giveaways work so well with influencers. When you host a giveaway on your influencers profile it’s a great way of building the engagement traffic for your brand at the same time for the influencer.

Giveaways make your customers believe in your brand products because of the subsidy and also create a repetitive mantra whenever your customers see it anywhere.

While using such kind of strategy/tip/idea to build your engagement rates, you should also understand that the effects at times are always temporary here. 

While some new followers might turn out to be your loyal customers, once the offer period is over you should be prepared to lose some of those followers and engagement. Have a long-term plan when using this strategy.

Make Influencers showcase the product demos.

As we have seen in the introduction, most people always believe what influencers do or consume. At the same time, most influencer collaboration is built on mutual gain. 

The need to use influencers to lead the conversation in the market by showcasing the product features, advantages and operational capability can be the best way to sell in 2022.

Such kinds of products for the demo are good for brands that have a high visual appeal. Examples of these are in the beauty, art, fashion, music, motor industries among others.

Are you in the service or tangible goods field?

Use Influencers as Ambassadors.

Top and among the most common influencer collaboration strategies employed in Kenya. This type of content is especially good for brands that have high visual appeal. Companies working in the beauty, fashion, art, or DIY industries, for example, could likely benefit from demos of their products.

Placing influencers at the pole position of your brand, makes them trust you and the brand campaign longevity. Major brands have invested in the same influencers for more than 5 years because of the shared same ideals.

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Influencers have the character of being in the limelight. Therefore, once you give them the face of your company or business, you will make their content creation own a feel of your product as part of marketing.

In Conclusion.

With the changing social media landscape, technology is giving us so new many ways to interact with influencers. These would include the use of sponsored ads and page linking for more traffic.

However, having an influencer who is creative and understand the goals of your product will help your social media marketing campaign soar. 

Influencer collaboration is not a dead phrase, as it’s not yet even started with the rise in social commerce and influencer marketing agencies in Kenya.

In the end, using influencers will automatically boost your engagement rates! It’s just up to 2022 to implement the best strategies, bank heavily on the right experts with great ideas you had not considered before.

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