How to Spot Brands Giving Influencer Marketing Gigs in Kenya on Instagram.

Instagram has been so vibrant in helping digital content creators get lots of influencer marketing gigs in Kenya. The popularity of the platform has made many brands and small businesses focus on saving their budgets heavily on marketing.

Instagram is becoming the most preferred social platform for influencer marketing gigs in Kenya.
Instagram is becoming the most preferred social platform for influencer marketing gigs in Kenya.

One best feature of Instagram is that getting the interests of your audience is relatively easier than on other platforms. So far, many brands are making their influencer marketing campaigns successful in Kenya because of their strategy of using Instagram influencers.

In recent years Influencer marketing gigs in Kenya, have been revolutionized to promote products and help businesses get their brands next to their customers. It has become insanely popular for small businesses to promote products here because of its easy algorithms.

As a creative content creator looking for active Influencer marketing Gigs in Kenya, then you have come to the right place. We want to show you how you can get in touch with the best brands, how to collaborate with them, land deals, and earn lots of cash easily.

Did you know Instagram is considered the sixth most effective at influencing people’s purchasing decisions? The point is, Lots of businesses and brands are on Instagram just looking for you to partner with right now!

So many small businesses have changed the rich narrative of their social media marketing strategy into influencer marketing gigs in Kenya. These brands only thirst for promotion of their products, and brand awareness and you need to earn from your content creation.

If you can influence your solid fan base easily then it can be so easy for you to get a lot of influencer marketing gigs in Kenya, just on Instagram. Instagram sponsored posts are an excellent way for the brand’s digital marketers to save themselves the hassle of finding and sourcing the right audience for their product. As an influencer, you are now tasked to do this task.

It can be hard sometimes to get a hold of a brand of your choice! But having the right guidance will see become the next big thing. By the end of this article, you will be ready to start earning from your influencing activities.


Partnering with Instagram Brands for Influencer Marketing Gigs in Kenya.

Why collaborations/Partnerships?

The best way to earn from your content on Instagram is by partnering with brands on Instagram. A partnership is derived from the term, ‘Partner’, which means to work with someone. This goes the extra mile of working together for a particular goal on mutual benefitting ground.

A good partnership will open you to more connections, and improve your creative knowledge base through the exchange of ideas and building new interactions. Most small businesses in Kenya work with Nano and Micro-Influencers because of their close ties with their following, so it’s a good idea to be vocal and close to your audience.

Sometimes for you, partnering with a brand of your niche would help you grow your audience, boost engagement, affirm your market position and at the same time help the brand improve its sales and get prospective customers from the established market trust. Symbiotically viable.

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What can you do on the other hand to be spotted, as a two-way traffic business experience?

How to get influencer marketing gigs in Kenya from brands on Instagram

Now that we have expanded our conversation on how to spot brands that would need your influence on their promotion, it would be good to understand what these brands want in order to make you outstanding digital marketing expertise.

Let’s get into them one after the other;

  1. Build your area of expertise – Some of the leading qualities of a great influencer for a viable brand is having a niche, an area of expertise that will separate you from other influencers in the game. Look around, what makes you have fun in creating your content, is it fashion, beauty, motor, electronics, etc.

It is easy for brands to target you for their influencer marketing gigs in Kenya once you reflect similarities with their brand goals. Building your area of expertise is like your own brand. This helps brands understand whether you can be a perfect fit for their product.

And sometimes it’s good not to restrict yourself to one niche, having a diversified niche holds would help you have varieties.

  • Monitor brands that follow you – What you don’t know is that there are so many small brands that already follow you! It is always important to go through your follower’s list, skim and reach out to these brands. They follow you because they love your content.

When you notice a good number of brands on your follower count, then they trust your content has value. Engaging with them will surely lead you into active and high-earning partnerships. Most brands monitor influencers’ social media handles before they reach out to them.

The marketing goals of small businesses in Kenya are always different and it’s wise to maintain extra caution if you want to win a particular brand for you. With the content, you create, make sure they are of high quality, and get lots of engagement and traffic.

  • Work with Influencer marketing agencies – There are so many agencies offering influencer marketing gigs in Kenya. However, for your success and earning from the content you push, it’s good to work with genuine ones.

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Influencer marketing agencies act as a bridge between brands and you as an influencer. The source for potential brands that can fit your niche at the same time gives brands influencers who can actively propel their marketing strategies aggressively.

  • Look for brands that engage with other influencers – This might in some way look tough!

But it can be worth it if you are someone who wants to make money on Instagram or any other platform. You can send them a DM, and make them understand what you do in a pitch proposal that would include your rate card.

Sometimes it’s advised to understand what other influencers are doing for the brands, by this you can level up on the best ways to partner with the brand you are reaching out for collaboration.

Final Words on Influencer marketing gigs in Kenya on Instagram

So many words can be said about how it’s easy to make cash on Instagram with the high number of influencer marketing gigs in Kenya, but launching yourself and developing a niche for your people and brands will make you even earn more.

These practicals are all in line with what brands want for their digital marketing strategy! There is also an extension of always staying professional and knowing your value as a creative content creator. It’s always great to make the experience fun for you, and make it interact with what they are going through. Life experience contents always work well.

Instagram is the best platform to build a particular niche and execute it without any challenges if you mean it. Brands will always find you and it won’t be a fake blind deal, make sure you accept deals that you believe 100% you will satisfy their goals.

All in general, if you want to make money with influencer marketing gigs in Kenya on Instagram! Just invest all your time and effort there, because brands are just waiting for you.

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