Why Influencer Marketing is Shaping Social Media Shopping in Kenya | Marketing Trends 2023

Influencer Marketing stems from the idea of creating authentic and transparent content that would drive more sales, and awareness and sometimes create a ripple of positive engagement with your customers.

While many brands in Kenya focus on building their social media shopping experience seamless, influencer marketing taps into this by bridging the interactions between brands and customers in a more circular and productive way.

Over the years brands have been investing in influencer marketing so that they can brew amazing experiences for their customers using targeted heads of influence. However, we have seen lately that social media shopping has been the go-to ideal pattern for many buyers in Kenya.

Many customers nowadays flock to social media to buy products unlike before. Influencers are now shaping conversations on how buyers either stick to or leave a particular product in the market.

In 2022, we have witnessed thousands of brands requesting influencer marketing services, not for awareness but to tap into the beef stake of social media shopping that other brands have been enjoying.

Although social media selling has been referred to by experts as one of the most complicated ways of driving conversions due to the algorithmic challenges of different platforms, it is amazing to note that the landscape is continuously evolving and the question of true authenticity and transparency is becoming blurred.

Why is Influencer Marketing Making Social Media Shopping Easy in Kenya

The growth of Nano and Micro influencers after the Covid-19 pandemic activated the influencer marketing trigger in the market for most brands today. Most buyers could not access products, as interactions were already cut off, it was wise to trust someone who has used the product before so that you can purchase.

Influencer Marketing Shaping Social Media Shopping in Kenya

This really impacted customer reviews as businesses now started to believe that these niche groups of content creators would help them drive more sales as they had already gained a huge following on social media with the pandemic.

The products marketed by influencers often get more customer attention, as every buyer will always be keen on where he/she spends their money and to be specific, millennials. Forbes once notes that at least 81% of millennials expect More Than Good Products, Services To Win Their Loyalty.

They are becoming more risk-averse and favor backing brands that focus on pro-social messaging, sustainable manufacturing, and ethical business practices.

We have witnessed how organic influencers bloom as time goes on, this has made many brands, especially those in the service industry tap into creative and promising content creators just to drive more of social media shopping experiences to their customers.

Sometimes, you may ask yourself, do influencers really care about the brands they work with? Well, something that’s so genuine in the Kenyan market, and it’s proven is that influencers really care about the brands because either way influencer marketing has turned into a normal profession just like others.

Influencers only want to make money, and creating content that would actually drive conversions through social media shopping is what forms part of their profession. Initially, influencers were considered celebrities who only make an appearance for brand awareness, but the stones have been turned in 2022.

Many customers now want to engage with influencers, and to be specific the nano and micros who at least don’t just make an appearance but interact with them, share experiences and maybe answer to some of their most intriguing questions about the products.

This narrates the psychology of forward-thinking for both brands and influencers that genuinely care about social customer behavior change and their environmental impact that can sustain and grow the Kenyan Economy.

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Influencers Shaping Brand Products and Marketing

Social media customers’ behavior has shaped the way brands want to work with influencers. Influencers in 2022 would want to have a pitch of business products, create content that suits their followers, and market them using different channels of massive engagements.

We are seeing more businesses following the movement of sustainability by branding their products and services that have great customer appeal and even attract influencers to work with them.

This has made influencers shift their views on partnerships with brands so that they can ensure their personal goals in content creation and what brands and customers expect to align with more than just a partnership deal. 

In 2023, we expect to see more influencers partnering with brands that create conscious products that support their personal goals so that social media shopping can be easy and well-aligned with their preferences as a whole. 

Final Words…

It is no doubt said that Influencer marketing is the future of social media shopping in Kenya. Influencers have really impacted the economic growth and establishment of stronger personal brands through partnering with businesses.

As a business, you can build your own business empire by investing in influencers that would really help you penetrate the market and robustly add to your returns at the end of the year. However, having quality and environmentally conscious products is becoming more important to influencers and their followings.

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