Crisis Management Guide: How to Manage an Influencer Marketing Campaign Crisis in Kenya.

We are all living in a world where we have to solve numerous crises so that we can have a well-defined cohesive environment. In the world of social media today, the influencer marketing campaign crisis in Kenya can hit at any time.

Crisis Management Guide: How to Manage an Influencer Marketing Campaign Crisis in Kenya.
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When such a situation hits, it might affect your brand either negatively or positively. However, how you pull out of an intense influencer marketing campaign crisis in Kenya depends on how well-prepared you are.

Having a robust crisis management plan in place will help alleviate the blows that come along with an influencer marketing campaign mess.

It’s for this reason, that these tips come in handy to help you plan and address your influencer marketing strategy on social media. Of course, you don’t want to be in a critical situation without the right planning. It doesn’t have to sound bad or good, as long as it calms the angry bull in the stable then you are good to go.

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Let’s now see how you can manage your influencer marketing campaign crisis in Kenya, firsthand without incurring a lot of expenses in the long run.

Table of contents:

  1. What is an Influencer marketing campaign crisis in Kenya?
  2. How to manage the influencer marketing crisis.
  3. Working with the right influencers in Kenya.
  4. Final word.

What is an Influencer marketing campaign crisis in Kenya?

As we have seen above, there are lots of crises happening around, and it only takes a robust crisis management plan to cushion this.

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When it comes to the social media marketing landscape, an intense influencer marketing campaign crisis in Kenya can be defined as “any online marketing activity that has not satisfied all the participating parties.”

Who are these participating parties anyway? Talk of influencers, businesses, social media reactors, or either an influencer marketing agency.

These crises may arise from so many loopholes within the influencer marketing campaign journey. Some may come out of finances, complicated strategies, or uncompleted campaign goals just to mention a few.

However, when we look at what we have, the ‘influencer marketing campaigns crisis in Kenya’ the biggest virus affecting many brands is financing. However, we are not going to talk about this now, our main focus will narrow down to the juice of the day.

How to manage the influencer marketing crisis in Kenya.

These are some of the key pointers that help you solve a number of influencer marketing challenges that succumb your campaigns;

  • Use the right influencers.

Most brands fall into the trap of a critical influencer marketing crisis in Kenya because they chose to work with the wrong influencers.

There are so many influencers in Kenya who can help you drive engagements, however, to which side would you want your engagements to go? On the positive side or negative side. Once you have set a clear description of the type of influencers you need in your influencer marketing campaigns you probably won’t experience challenges.

The right influencer comes in form of the right niche connected to the campaign. At the same time a good consideration of working with Nano influencers who drive conversions better than other influencer groups.

  • Be transparent about your budget.

A budget is a very important item in any influencer marketing campaign crisis in Kenya. A good budget is able to highlight the extremes of the campaign and be able to track how each party will perform with a particular amount.

Sometimes, brands fail here by not telling influencers how much will earn more else, quoting lower than the agreed amount. This is a very big mistake for business and can be solved when you as a brand outline clearly your budget with all the expenditures being featured. This makes influencers or other parties in the game trust you.

  • Have a clear influencer marketing goal.

You shouldn’t activate a campaign without having a clear goal for your campaign. Sometimes brands do the mistake of having colliding goals. Are you aiming to make boost your sales, improve your brand awareness or promote your social media presence?

With a clear goal, influencers will be able to build a conversation that would sync with each other. When the goal becomes complicated to understand, you’ll end up having a chaotic influencer marketing campaign crisis in Kenya as it spreads all over.

So many brands have fallen victim to this without knowing. The only simple way to evade this is by having a simple goal that can be understood by anyone participating in the campaign.

  • Influence your activities to step by step.

Be part of your campaign from start to the end.

It is so important to interact with the content that you are sponsoring for your brand. This will help you monitor how influencers package and amplify your brand on social media. An influencer marketing campaign crisis will always arise when you leave it to be done by influencers without your close touch.

Sometimes you can find lead influencers who help you have the conversations ongoing in a very streamlined way which might not necessarily need your constant presence, but you just have to be there.

As we have seen, a crisis can only arise when you neglect one or two important campaign pillars in your journey. Since the campaign is not automated, it is human-driven mostly on social media, and it is prone to a number of errors that need to be monitored and shelved.

Working with the right influencers in Kenya.

In every influencer marketing crisis in Kenya, the seed cause is always the influencer. When you have the right influencer, issues like budget or other extensions will not matter that much, because they know what to do. Now, who is the right influencer for your campaign?

A good influencer should be;

  1. Responsive in their social media posts with you/your brand.
  2. Consistent in their postings.
  3. Relatable in their content with their niche and audiences.
  4. Can be aligned with your business goals.
  5. Understanding in all dimensions (budget-wise etc.)
  6. Creative in content creation and mindset – especially during brainstorming sessions.

Now you are set!

Final word.

So many brands are struggling with their influencer marketing campaigns in Kenya today. It takes a keener eye to spot what makes a brand different from one another when it comes to dealing with an influencer marketing campaign crisis in Kenya.

Having a score with the right influencers is one of the most accredited ways that would see your brand evade influencer marketing crises. Its always advised that as a brand, you need to work with the budget that fits your perimeter of the performance.

What are you doing to build a robust influencer marketing crisis management plan for your brand in 2022?

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