Insightful Tips To Sell After Setting Up Your Twiva E-Shop As an Influencer in Kenya.

Every Influencer wants to make a sale after registering on any influencer-powered social commerce platform in Kenya.

Setting up your Twiva E-shop to completion would not only guarantee you an influencer gig but also open your influence to multiple revenue streams that you have never expected.

As an influencer in Kenya with a Twiva E-shop, you are open to millions of fast-moving goods that your audience on social media must be looking for now!

While looking at some of the influencer’s top tips and tricks in Kenya, we realize that not do content creators earn from gigs but also through brand commissions and referrals.

In this blog article, we are going to point out six important ideas that can help you make a sale just after setting up your Twiva E-shop as an influencer in Kenya.

Here are a few pain points we first need to consider;

  • How to set up your Twiva E-shop as an Influencer in Kenya.
  • Step-by-step guide on adding products to your Twiva E-shop. (Store)
  • Twiva E-shop.
  • Social media integration and sales acceleration.
  • Referring to Earn.

How to set up your Twiva E-shop as an Influencer in Kenya.

Earn as an influencer in Kenya with a customized Twiva Eshop.

One of the most important steps while interacting with a social commerce platform is by making sure you have defined yourself as an influencer in Kenya, actively intersecting through a particular niche that preferably defines you as unique.

However, when it comes to setting your profile most influencers forget to take control of their profiles hence missing out when brands interact with their impressions.

It is relatively important to define who you are so that brands can easily know the kind of influencer passion they will get from you. As an influencer in Kenya with a Twiva E-shop that has a well-structured profile, it is always advised to ensure you have at least 50 products.

Who is an influencer with a Twiva E-shop?

Once you have registered as an influencer (Your personal profile, interests, and payment means) you will land on your Twiva dashboard. Most influencers in Kenya often drop on this stage without considering the next steps that can actually make them earn.

Usually, on your social commerce platform dashboard, there will be an active tab that either prompts you to “View Eshop or Add Products” (This is now your Twiva E-shop gateway).

When you click on View Eshop you will be open to an all-unique window where your profile would reflect that of a normal E-commerce site although there would be a Store link to copy too.

A Twiva E-shop is a webstore front extension link for influencers who basically find it hard to connect their social media platforms with the social commerce site. When the store is copied and pasted among the influencer captions on social media, buyers or any third party interacting with it will form the customer/buyer population on the customized influencer E-commerce site.

Step-by-step guide on adding products to your Twiva E-shop. (Store)

We have mentioned the Twiva E-shop or Webstore front for an influencer in Kenya severally in the discussion above. Optimism dictates that you are in sync with all the steps of setting up your Twiva E-shop, however, one challenge would always come to adding products.

Here are tips to help you add products to your Twiva E-shop as an Influencer in Kenya.

  • Always understand your interests in your performing niche.
  • Understand what your target audience expects from you as an influencer.
  • Don’t add products with prices that won’t convert in your social demographics.
  • Emphasize quality to help appeal to your social audiences.

Upon leveraging the few shared decision-making steps, you can now search for thousands of products laid on your search depending on your interests.

The Twiva E-shop.

As said earlier, the Twiva E-shop is a customized window that helps an influencer in Kenya manage the kind of products they want to market and sell on social media.

At times influencers may choose to copy their Twiva E-shop store links and share them together with their creatives in order to convince their audiences to purchase.

By selling through a social commerce platform, an influencer in Kenya is guaranteed of earning commissions spread all through from 5-10 percent depending on the value of the commodity. This is a very important part for influencers who aim at making a sale on social media.

While store links are shared, other influencers can also integrate their social media platforms with social commerce platforms. Either way, the Twiva E-shop will look the same when buyers want to purchase from you.

Let’s now narrow down to how influencers integrate their social media platforms.

Social Media integration and sales acceleration.

Often the easiest step on a social commerce platform for an influencer in Kenya. This appears on an influencer dashboard among the active tabs.

The only instruction for an influencer is to choose the different high-converting, engaging, and interactive social media platforms and connect them with the platform.

It is always important to invest in platforms that are trending, and interactive and their audiences can be of interest to your feeds, tweets, and stories as an influencer in Kenya with a Twiva E-shop.

This is one important stage that needs your urgency in creativity. When pushing products on social media, it is important to accompany them with some value proposition tied to the products being sold to your audiences on social media. (Prospective buyers)

Referring to earn.

Part of the main revenue streams for an influencer in Kenya is through referring other influencers to join the social commerce platform. How to do that is way easy.

  • Open your Influencer dashboard.
  • Scroll down on the highlighted action items.
  • Click and copy the referral code.
  • Share it with your friends or include it on your social media posts while encouraging others to sign in too.

The referral program has been one of a kind when it comes to influencers generating more revenue. Without making a sale on social media but encouraging your audiences to register using your referral codes guarantees you earnings in your wallet.

In conclusion.

Having a Twiva E-shop is just one step close to earning when you register on a social commerce platform as an influencer in Kenya. Almost 75% of the Kenyan influencer marketing space is considered to have a major shift toward social commerce.

As an influencer, who wants to make an actual sale on social media via social commerce platform what you need to consider is your creativity, the kind of audience you interact with on social media, their reception, and the motivation of content.

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